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Our Trip to Holland

Ever wondered where the Funky Yukka gang gets their beautiful foliage from? Well we're about to reveal all!

In December of last year, the key management team of Funky Yukka travelled to Holland to visit the site where our wonderful plants are sourced. As many gardening enthusiasts will already know, Holland is renowned for producing the best plants in the world, which is exactly why we travelled far and wide to select the perfect plants for our displays. This trip allowed us to build further relationships with our fantastic growers and learn about about the latest technique in ensuring the plants are the best quality.

Stepping into the vast greenhouse, we were met with a stunning array of lush greenery. From flowers to palms, from succulents to cacti, this warehouse was a veritable Garden of Eden! We were shown the latest innovations in growing techniques, containers and much more!

The growers told us all about a unique way of creating healthier and environmentally friendly plants. This technique makes use of clay pebbles, also known as Hydrocorn or Hydropebbles. These pebbles are ultra absorbent used in place of soil and allow the plants to receive the nutrients necessary for healthy growth and performance. But how does a plant continue to live without soil? Well, technique is quite fascinating. The plants are grown as normal then uprooted to be placed within the water-infused clay pellets so that they adapt to the new environment. And as the clay pebbles suck in all the nutrients slowly, they are a much more efficient way of feeding plants.

Because of the lack of soil, this reduces the amount of peat being taken from its natural environment and also vastly reduces the amount of pests. This year, we plant to incorporate Hydropebbles into more (if not, all) of our displays, meaning there will be less issues with disease, bugs and failed plants.

Check out the pictures from our Holland trip!


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