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5 Unique Plants for Your Valentine

Fresh, cut flowers are the quintessential symbol of Valentines romance. Fragrant, colourful and a charming gift, everyone just loves to receive a big bouquet of flowers. However, roses, while undeniably beautiful, have become slightly cliched over the years alongside chocolates and cheesy Valentines cards. To combat this mundane pattern, we've selected our favourite unconventional flowers for a truly unique display this Valentines day.

Bleeding Hearts

The stunning Dentra Spectabilis, better known as bleeding hearts, are easily recognisable due to their delicate heart shaped petals in shades of pink and white. Bleeding hearts are a unique alternative to the conventional Valentines Day flower displays and do best in partial shade, so are perfect for office areas.



With their unusual beauty and light fragrance, orchids are an ideal choice for your Valentines reception display. These look beautiful group together in a larger colourful planter or simply solo in a low desk bowl. Available in an array of colours ranging from fuchsia to pure white and everything in between, there's something to suit every taste.


Although you may not regard the humble snowdrop as a traditional Valentine flower, in Denmark, they choose to gift snowdrops to their loved ones as oppose to roses. These delicate flowers are often planted in the Autumn and begin to start blooming between January and March, making them a popular choice for delightful displays in February.


The sunflower is a classic spring flower and although we haven't quite reached the end of winter, this bright and unmistakably happy plant is perfect to let your Valentine know they brighten up your life! Notorious for growing to soaring heights, they often reach between 1.5m and 3.5m. The tallest sunflower was grown in Germany in 2014 and hit an impressive 9.17m!


This distinctive flower will certainly be noticed this Valentines Day! Instantly eye-catching with it's bright patterned petals, the gillyflower is highly fragrant and symbolises ever-lasting beauty and happiness in life.


Which unique Valentines flower will YOU be giving this Valentines Day?


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