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Plant of the Month - Orchid

Valentines Day has come and gone - the chocolates have been scoffed, the flowers have begun to wilt, but we're still feeling pretty smitten at Funky Yukka base! To share the love, we've decided to select a romantic bloom as our plant of the month. But we're not going with the clichéd, overused roses this time, we're going to take a look at the stunning orchid. Although it's typically associated with love, this unique flowering plant is actually a very popular choice for offices, due to it's eye-catching aesthetic.

Native to tropical climates, the orchid thrives in warmer areas and therefore, is happy to live in a centrally heated office space, making it an ideal option for most workplaces. However, as they are used to humidity, they will need misting occasionally. If you decide to add orchids to your office, opt for Funky Yukka's maintenance service, we will take care of them so you don't have to!

What makes the orchid truly special is the fact that each flower is completely bilateral symmetrical, meaning it can be spilt down the middle, leaving you with two perfectly mirrored halves.


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