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All About Biophilia

What is Biophilia?

Maybe you've never heard of the term 'biophilic design' before, but the chances are, you've probably come across it once or twice. Lush, leafy foliage encompassing an office, a tranquil, babbling pool of water situated in a reception area, or even a architectural design inspired by nature, these are all examples of biophilic design. It's an interior design that's be creeping into the limelight recently, appearing in workplaces and establishments all over the globe.

'Biophilic' literally means 'nature lover', which is precisely what this design refers to. Biophilia is about adding elements of nature to design, in order to bring the outside indoors.

Why include Biophilic Design?

Studies have been carried out that reveal we humans have an innate connection with nature, and feel a strong need to be around natural elements. In fact, a report from Human Spaces speaking about biophilic design stated, “As work psychologists we have an enduring interest in both the individual and environmental factors that influence business outcomes. In particular, the interaction between an individual and their work environment can be a crucial determinant of both an employee’s success and happiness in his or her role." The study goes on to say talk "the proven links between work environments exhibiting biophilic design and lower staff turnover and sickness absence rates", such as workplace satisfaction and reduced anxiety.

It turns out that being around greenery can also improve our concentration and creativity. Research has shown that just having plants in our eye line can dramatically improve performance when working.


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