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Plant of the Month - Ivy

Another month has come and gone, which means it's time for us to select another beautiful specimen as our coveted plant of the month! For September, we've decided upon the luscious and trailing ivy. It's often associated with the English countryside and cottages, however ivy is actually also native to North Western Africa, Japan, Taiwan and Macaronesia.

When grown on the ground, ivy spreads out, not creeping upwards more that 20cm high, however, given something to climb up, it can reach soaring heights! For example, if ivy begins growing up a tree or building, it can grow as high as 30 metres! Whilst this evergreen plant may look stunning all year round climbing up a house, be wary, viy can be quite intrusive and in some cases, damage the brickwork of a structure.

If you would like to bring this unique plant to your office, Funky Yukka can help. In options of both artificial and live, ivy looks amazing in hanging baskets and draped from rasters in modern workplaces. Click here to get in touch so together we can start designing a concept to suit you.


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