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Funky Yukka will be showcasing tropical plant displays in Smart Buildings Expo at Facilities Show 20

Funky Yukka are thrilled to be supporting this year’s Smart Buildings Experience. For some time now Funky Yukka has been exploring the use of technology within the interior landscaping sector. Today we see the culmination of these technologies as all of the displays with the Smart Buildings Experience are hydroponically grown making the plants cleaner, greener, healthier and stronger. The plants on show within the Smart Buildings Experience have all been grown using heat from solar panel technology and fed with rainwater harvesting systems.

Not only do we use technology to help grow plants Funky Yukka also use technology to help keep your displays looking their best. My Funky Yukka is our Online Maintenance Management System allowing customers to see a log of their maintenance visits, asset schedule and so much more.

If you would like any further information regarding these technologies or how Funky Yukka can make your office somewhere you ‘love’ to be instead of ‘have’ to be, come and have chat with us on Stand FM6040.


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