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Texas A&M University: Plants Increase Idea Generation & Creativity

A recent article from SW Times highlighted the many benefits of having indoor plants, citing a study carried out by by Texas A&M University. The research found that “employees’ idea generation, creative performance and problem solving skills improved substantially in environments that include flowers and plants.” It discovered that men came up with more idea whilst women generated flexible and creative solutions to issues.

In addition to increasing productivity, plants are excellent for improving the morale of workers. Washington State University held an experiment in which houseplants were used to monitor levels of stress within an office. They discovered that participants working in a plant-filled environment were more productive and less stressed than those without any greenery.

They also make an office appear more professional and inviting; 'employees perceive a workplace with plants and flowers as more welcoming and upscale'. Adding just a few indoor plants can make a huge difference to an otherwise bland office space. Even offices with very little natural light can benefit from the aesthetic and psychological perks plants bring. At Funky Yukka, we offer a huge variety of high quality artificial plants alongside our living greenery - explore the extensive collection here

If these studies have inspired you to breathe some life into your work space, call us 0800 587 46 72 or click here to arrange a FREE onsite consultation


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