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Minimal Workplaces 'Crush Human Spirit' - Adding Plants Improves Intellectual Performance

A recent article in the Daily Mail stated that the way we decorate our offices could have a surprisingly large impact of the performance of employees. Simplistic, plain offices may be on-trend at the moment, but research shows this might not be the best decor to select if you want to encourage the best performance from staff. ‘There is a fashion for minimalist, monochrome styling which pleases managers,’ said psychologist Dr Craig Knight, who has 12 years experience studying the psychology of workplace environments, ‘But in reality it crushes the human spirit. Adding plants makes people happier and productive – but the real benefit comes from giving them autonomy.’

The study, which was conducted by the University of Exeter, observed Finnish workers in several different working environments. The test groups, chosen from three different companies, were put into a bleak, stripped down office to measure their performance. Shortly into the experiment, one group were then allowed to choose plants for their desk, whilst another group's office was filled with foliage. The results showed that the addition of just a little bit of greenery improves job satisfaction, intellectual performance and well-being of workers. Dr Knight, who led this research, commented that, ‘The improvement in productivity from placing plants near to staff was remarkable.’

It was also founded from the study that workers particularly appreciated choosing the plants they had around the workplace and having control over their environment. Allowing staff to have a say in their office decor can work as a great team building exercise and as this study has proved, can help with overall well-being and performance. At Funky Yukka, we have a wide range of plants and containers to choose from. Why not get your team involved in the decision?


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