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Upcoming Study into Plants & Raising Business Profits

Further research into the benefits of office planting is to be conducted by industry experts. Engage4Success (E4S) and Lucy Sweeney, managing director of a plant based company have teamed up to sponsor what has been dubbed 'groundbreaking research study', which will be led by University of Exeter's Dr Craig Knight. Dr Knight has previously conducted research on what occurs when plants are added to an office and when employees are allowed the opportunity to make choice about their work area. Sweeney said that many of their clients choose to have plants as a 'nice to have' only to find that their profits improve significantly. She explained, ' we are now working on a study that looks at how much impact plants can have on profits when you lead employees through the design process.

Participants for this study are currently being recruited and offered a range of sponsorship options. Sweeney said, 'the great thing about plants is that they give you the best bang for your buck. If a global company spends as little as £10k on plants, productivity goes up by at least 15%. For a typical FTSE 350 company, a 15% uplift can put more than £36 million on the balance sheet. At that point, ROI from the plants outperforms just about every type of engagement tool you can deploy.'

David Crossman, an employee of E4S, believes strongly in the concept of the research study. 'This study will support our efforts to significantly improve well-being in the workplace as it will go a long way to providing answers to employers' questions about the value and benefits their well-being spend. It will also show an accessible way in which well-being and productivity gains can be made.'





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