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What Your Staff Really Want From Their Workplace

A study carried out by Human Spaces into the effect of the working environment on the well-being of workers, querying a massive 36,000 people on what was most important to them when it came to their office space. The most popular answer, scoring over 40%, was natural light. This is a clear response to the lurid fluorescent many lights office workers have been subjected to for years. Amongst the top five were indoor plants (18%) and bright colours found in nature (15%).

This research shows that employee's crave elements of nature within their working environment, with almost every popular choice being related to natural world. Whilst a view of the sea may not be feasible for an urban London office, office managers can certainly satisfy the other needs of their team will simple, cost-effective upgrades to the workplace.

Natural Lighting

Even in a concealed office block with few windows, natural light can easily be achieved. Most home-ware store stock daylight light bulbs which offer a more natural and flattering light than the garish lights often found in workplaces. Better lighting will increase concentration and could even lower the risk of Sick Building Syndrome.

Quiet Work Space

It's great to socialise whilst at work however too much chatting can be incredibly distracting when there's lots to get done. This is an issue a number of open plan workplaces are facing, and an effective way of remedy this without losing the trendy design is incorporating barriers and screening. Plants have been proven to absorb noise and creating non-intimidating partitions with them is a simple and stylish way of offering workers visual privacy.

Indoor Plants

Adding planting to your office is such a simple solution to many workplace troubles, in fact, it's so simple that it often gets overlooked! We're firm believers that every work space should be full of lush, green plants, but even just a few can make a huge difference to the outlook of staff. Studies have shown that having greenery in your eye-line can increase productivity by up to 32% and with so many options from live to artificial, there's really nothing stopping you!

Sea View

Whilst you can't bring Cornwall to Croydon, dotting a few key pieces of art around the office can really brighten up the area and boost morale tenfold. A recent survey carried out by CanvasPop found that 77% of professionals found art made them feel happier, 74% said it inspired them and 27% claimed attractive decor improved their productivity. Why not combine two workplace desires and select one of our foliage panels as a living, breathing art piece?

Bright Colours

This is another workplace issue with an incredibly easy answer. Ditch the wood-chip off-grey walls and paint them a calming, tranquil green to invoke a feel of nature. Be sure to add plenty of flowering plants for an abundance of colour and fragrance that will keep staff feeling motivated and happy throughout the working day.

If you'd like to improve your workplace in an inexpensive and natural way, get in touch!

Together, we can come up with a specially tailored brief to suit your company, space and budget.


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