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How Your Office Plants Could Save You Money

You've probably heard the phrase 'money doesn't grow on trees', however after reading this blog, you might be in disagreement! Office plants are a great way to update a drab workplace and bring a little nature indoors, something that we humans have been proven to crave. However, their benefits go beyond this, as many of their attributes could actually save us money in the long-run!

Save on Filtered Air

Plants release oxygen and water vapour into the air we breathe, making it more comfortable and humid in a dry, dusty working environment. They also naturally filter out harmful toxins like formaldehyde exuded by printers, furnishings and carpets. The water vapour released by the plants can also have a cooling effect on the air, meaning the need for air conditioning is reduced. So there's no need to splash out on an expensive air humidifier or AC unit, just add a couple of peace lilies to the office!

Save on Reduced Absences

The health benefits of plants have been well documented for many years, in fact, in 1989, a study was carried out by NASA that plants could help to ease the symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome. Office plants can also ease sore throats, dry skin, headaches and other ailments. Research has also shown that sicknesses reduce dramatically when plants are introduced to an office meaning that less staff members will be absent, saving the company money and missed work days.

Save on Work Motivators

At times, it can be hard to ensure your team is motivated and ready to work. In a bid to keep up with the idea of the 'modern workplace', a large number of companies spend copious amounts of money on items designed to keep staff members happy and creative, such as gaming stations, pool tables and much more. However, science has proven that plants may be the best option in order to make us more creative, productive and happier. In fact, when plants were introduced, the University of Exeter found that workers were 45% more creative, 38% more productive and their general well-being increased by 47%.

Save on Floristry Costs

In a bid to brighten up the office and improve the performance and wellbeing of employees, many manager's have resorted to purchasing plants weekly. There are unlikely to last longer than a week and the cost continues to build up. With Funky Yukka, you can get as many as seven stunning display for the price of a basic live plant from a florist. Better still, our maintenance package means that qualified technicans will visit your site to care for the plants every two weeks and our Free Plant Replacement guarantee ensures that if a plant should fail, this will be replaced at no cost to you! Check out our Prices and Packages


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