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Plants in Hospitality - A 2017 Study

Research conducted this year by Terrapin Bright Green and Human Spaces into the effects of plants in an hospitality environment throw up some intriguing and inspiring results. This project is the first of its kind to explore the effects of evidence-based biophilic design in this particular setting, delving into how design effects guest experience, room rates and customer behaviour.

The results began to show a clear pattern - customers will pay more for rooms and settings that include natural elements. The team's data showed an 18% increase in average daily rate for rooms with a water view and that hotel guests had a 36% higher dwell rate in hotel lobbies abundant in plants and other biophilic elements than those without. The innate need to be close to nature meant that guests would pay a premium price for a view of greenery or water and would spend more time in revenue driving area such as receptions, bars, lobbies and restaurants.

More and more modern designers are taking notice of this desire and are cleverly incorporating into their work. Restaurants and hotels that want to be on the cutting edge of design are becoming greener and seeing the benefits in the behaviour of their guests. Including just a few natural elements into decor can have a seriously positive impact on people, just check out the stats.


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