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Plant of the Month - Rubber Tree Plant

This dark-leafed plant is perfect for the month of Halloween! Also known by its Latin name, Ficus Elastica, the rubber tree plant can grow up to an astonishing 50 feet high. Luckily, the indoor variety grows to a much more manageable height! It is still rather large however, growing from 1ft to as much as 8ft.

The leaves are smooth and shiny, almost 'rubbery' and need to be gently wiped with tepid water every now and again to prevent the build up of dust. These hardy plants are fairly easy to care, requiring bright light and warmth so are often best suited to a windowsill or a glass walled office space.

A striking and attractive specimen, the rubber tree plant makes a great addition to a reception area or dotted around the office for maximum staff productivity. Plants are great work motivators and do wonders for our health.


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