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A Mix of Live & Artificial Plants

Even a brand new designer office needs a touch of nature to give it that little extra bit of something special!

Funky Yukka were asked by a leading telecommunications corporation to design a planting scheme for their offices which were undergoing an interior fit-out. The Funky Yukka team were excited to put together something amazing for this company's stunning new office space, and that's exactly what they did!

The Vision

The office needed some plants to brighten up plainer corners and compliment the brand new decor. The displays needed to be sleek and professional-looking, with a clear link back to the Japanese roots of the company.

As the corporate colours included blues and graphite greys, Funky Yukka worked closely with the client so that the colour match of the pots would be perfect and additional colours used would be complimentary.

The Outcome

Using a range of live and artificial plants, Funky Yukka installed several displays throughout the office. Artificial orchids were used in the kitchen to add a touch of colour to space and bowls of attractive succulents were dotted around on tables. Neutral colours were used throughout to ensure the plants and the new office aesthetic took centre stage. The final result was amazing - the plants gave the brand new workplace a breath of fresh air and perfectly accented the decor.


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