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Trendy Succulents to Satisfy your Inner Hipster

Succulents originated from dry, warm environments such as deserts, however wherever you look in the UK, you are bound to see cluster of the stylish plants potted around. So what makes succulents so great? Well, aside from being on-trend, colourful and attractive, they are also incredibly easy to take care of, making them an increasingly popular choice for offices and homes alike. Their efficient retention of water means they require very little maintenance and attract less bugs and pests than some other house plants.

In addition, succulents very rarely need to be pruned, meaning you can place them on your desk, enjoy their beauty without worry of them looking brown and crispy after a couple of weeks of neglect. We've picked out our favourite species of succulents to give you some office decor inspo!


This crown-shaped plants is a beautiful as any flower! Available in a range of gorgeous pastel shades from the purple 'Black Prince,' the rose 'Afterglow', this unique plant takes on the classic aesthetic and shape of the succulent trend

Source: World of Succulents


The spiny agave succulent is another popular choice for many offices. With it's wide array of gorgeous pastel coloured leaves and stunning rosette shape, the agave is a perfect ornamental plant for any desk area and also does well outside. Beyond its attractive looks, agave tequilana or blue agave, is used to make tequila.

Source: The Spruce


It's not difficult to see where this plant gets its name from! Also known as pork and beans, the jellybean plants is a sun-loving succulent that sports thick, bulbous leaves. During the summer, the leaves change colour from green to a vibrant crimson and sprouts yellow flowers in the spring.

Source: The Succulent Source

Sweetheart Hoya

This uniquely shaped succulent is shaped like an adorable heart and better still, when they reach adulthood, they bloom up to 25 tiny white star-shaped flowers with pink or purple centres! A climbing plant, the sweetheart hoya can grow to up to 13 ft tall.

Want to add some trendy succulents to your work space?


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