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Plant of the Month - Pennisetum Setaceum 'Fireworks'

No prizes for guessing why we picked this colourful specimen to be our featured plant of November! Pennisetum Setaceum 'Fireworks' reminded us of the beautiful sparks of colour we let off into the air during Bonfire Night, for obvious reasons! This bright purple plant is native to scrubby, open areas of Africa and the Middle East.

Its beautiful purple hue makes this plant a popular landscaping choice, standing out amongst the plethora of green. Also know as crimson fountain grass, it thrives best in warmer climates.

It may be pretty, but there's nothing gentle about this plant! An invasive species that was introduced to Tenerife, Sardania, Sicily, South Africa and some hotter states of the USA, the fountain grass can have a harmful effect on the environment, even contributing to the risk of wildfire. Despite these dangers, the pennisetum setaceum is considered an ornamental foliage which looks attractive in a garden.

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