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Studies Show Hotel Guests Pay More for Plants

Could your hotel charge more for a room with a view? Studies are finding that, on average, guests will pay a larger amount for rooms that overlook or include natural elements such as greenery or water. A study that took place in 2001 examined two hotels in Zurich, Switzerland, in order to calculate the approximate value of a room with a view. One hotel faced either a river or a narrow street and the other was on a hill outside the city, displaying a view of either the meadows leading to the city with a lake and the Alps in the distance or a forest. Both these hotels charged a bigger fee for the rooms with views and also found that guests had a preference for them over the rooms without any view.

Bill Browning, founder of biophilic research hub Terrapin Bright Green said that most natural elements in hospitality are visual, but a multi-sensory experience is the best way to create a memorable space. "Experiences are more intense and more memorable when multiple senses are engaged simultaneously.The hand of the fabrics; the scents of flowers, candles and food; crackling of logs in a fireplace; the splash of water in a fountain; the texture of wood grain and stone in furnishings; and bird song in a lobby or on a patio are ways of creating more memorable spaces."

At Funky Yukka, we have a wide range of flowering plants that smell as beautiful as they look, creating the ultimate multi-sensory experience. You can immerse your guests in nature and increase profits all in one go by introducing stunning greenery to your workplace. Call us on 0800 587 46 72 or click here to get in touch and arrange a FREE onsite consultation


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