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5 Reasons Your Office NEEDS a Living Wall

Have you ever walked into a fancy office and just thought .. WOW. The sleek interiors, the stylish furniture, the open plan design ... and of course, no incredible office space is complete without an abundance of greenery. Plants are fast becoming one of the trendiest workplace must-haves and it's not difficult to see why.

Indoor foliage has been proven time and time again to improve the well-being of workers in more ways than one. Office plants also make us make us feel better physically and mentally and they are said to help increase productivity and reduce absenteeism. They have also been shown to improve internal air quality and reduce the number of toxins and humidity in that typical working environment.

So what could be better than a couple of beautiful office plants in cool containers? Well, a stunning, living, breathing wall, of course! At Funky Yukka, we specialise in living and artificial foliage walls made bespoke to your specific sizes. We can even add your branding to the design! We've put together our Top 5 reasons you need a living wall in your office.

1. Health

There's no doubt about it, plants are good for us! They are able to soothe stress and even are used in hospitals in order to aid patients in tolerating pain. In short, there's more to the humble get-well-soon bouquet than meets the eye. Sick Building Syndrome is a condition that is rife within enclosed office spaces and results in fatigue, dry skin, headache and sore throat. No specific cause for the ailment is known, however incorporating lots of foliage into the building's design can help to prevent this. Read more about how plants do this here.

2. Happiness

Could that plant on your desk really heighten your mood? Scientists say yes, it really could! In fact, just having greenery in your eye-line can make a huge difference to your work output and mental well-being. Plants have also shown to lower levels of stress at work, due in some part due to their calming green hue. This means that artificial living walls can also have a big impact on the mental health and well-being of staff members, so if your office is lacking natural light, our artificial walls and panels are the perfect solution to a happy team!

3. Cleaner Air

A living wall can be used to create a sort of 'micro-climate', ensuring that the air is sufficiently humid and reducing the need for expensive air filters. An abundance of plants has also been shown to cleanse the air and deposit fresh oxygen back into it. Airborne pollutants are pulled from the atmosphere leaving the office healthier and means that the levels of dust and mould are significantly reduced. It has been proven that rooms filled with plants harbour 50-60% less airborne moulds and bacteria than those without.

4. Attractive Work Space

Adding a lush green wall to an otherwise plain office can have a massive impact on its aesthetic. It makes a huge statement in a reception area and is sure to turn the heads of visitors and potential clients, acting as a perfect icebreaker.

Not only that, but recent studies have shown that allowing workers to have a say in the plants surrounding their working environment can improve their intellectual performance and increase productivity. Employees who were given a choice in their office decor felt it improved their job satisfaction and made them take greater pride in their work.

5. Better Performance

Perhaps one of the more surprising yet extremely convincing arguments for adding a living wall to your workplace is that it can have significant positive benefits to work performance of employees. In fact, just having a little greenery in their eye-line has been proven to dramatically improve productivity, creativity and idea generation.


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