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US Military Develops Smart Spy Plants to Detect Bombs

We all know that plants have powers that can improve our mood, health and well-being, but did you also know that some greens make great detectives? It's true! The Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the US military organisation responsible for developing new technologies, are asking scientists to send forward their ideas on greener ways to work. Last year, scientists of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology discovered that spinach coated with nanoparticles were able to detect chemical compounds found in explosives. Tobacco and even tomatoes were just some of the other plants that have been modified to sense these compounds.

Plants may be an unusual choice for a military operation, but their discreet and unassuming appearance make them a great option for eco-friendly surveillance. The hope is that the modified plants could be grown in conflict areas where use of IEDs is of greater risk. The smart spy plants will then alert the US of any potential bombs and help to save thousands of lives.

You may not need bomb-detecting foliage in your office, but plants can offer us so much more! Proven to improve performance, creativity and productivity at work, plants are a cost-effective and attractive way of bettering your workplace.


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