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Expert Gives Advice on Selecting the Species & Positioning of Your Office Plants

A recent article on Wired's website stated that plants are not only beautiful additions to the workplace, they also can help to improve productivity by 15%. This will come as no shock to those who have been keeping up with our Funky Yukka Health and Studies blogs, however within this article, Freddie Blackett, the co-founder and CEO of online gardening startup Patch, shared his insight into selecting plants for the office. His suggestions included some of our favourite species such as monstera delicosa, the popular Swiss cheese Plant and Dracaena, great for sucking nasty pollutants out of the air.

According to Blackett, you should use a compass to see if any of the windows in your work space are facing West as these will naturally get the most sunlight. If none of your windows are west-facing, take a look at options which thrive in shade.

The next thing to consider is what you want from your plant. According to Blankett, plants can play three roles aesthetically: "They can fill a space, they can frame a space or they can follow a space." Take a look at the area you plan to have your new plant displays. How much space is there? Do you want to complement the area or simply fill in a gap?

If your office could benefit from a little greenery to brighten up those darker corners, Funky Yukka can help!

Offering bespoke plant displays all around the country, we know everything there is to know about plants and we can help you pick the perfect specimens for your work space.

Check out WIRED's best office plants below:



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