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Plant of the Month - Poinsettia

It's Christmas and what better specimen to select for our plant of the month than the most festive one of all. No, we're not talking about the grand Christmas tree, this time it's the turn of the traditional seasonal plant, the humble poinsettia. A classic for office and home decor everywhere during December, the poinsettia is incredibly eye-catching with it's vibrant leaf shaped petals.

Native to Mexico, it's name comes from Joel Roberts Poinsett, the first United States Minister to Mexico, who in 1825 brought the plant to the USA. An incredibly popular foliage, over 2,500 of these plants are potted up each year in time for the Christmas season - that's a lot of plants! It's not just beautiful to look at however, the Ancient Aztec used this plant to create red dey and it was even used to treat fever.

We at Funky Yukka love the festive poinsettia, in fact, we're so fond of this gorgeous plant, we use it in our floral Christmas deskbowls! Unfortunately, we have stopped taking orders for this year, however you can still get ahead of the game and get your order in for 2018! Visit our dedicated Christmas Website or call us on 0800 587 46 72


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