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New Year, New Office

Another year over and another begins! 2018 is finally here and ready to bring with New Year is a time for refreshed mindsets, exciting ideas and a brand new perspective. However, not everyone may be feeling as positive about the beginning of January. Chances are, many of your colleagues dragged themselves in this morning, wishing they had just one more week off, Christmas a long-forgotten memory they are still mourning over. You might even be one of them today!

They need something to motivate them, and giving their workplace a make-over could be just the thing. After all, with all this talk of new beginnings, it's the perfect time to give your office a fresh look for the year ahead. After Christmas, the last thing you might want to do is plan an expensive overhaul of your workplace, but updating your office aesthetic doesn't have to be as costly as you might think.

Funky Plants

Plants are a real hot topic in interior design at the moment and are an inexpensive way of brightening up the workplace with no effort required. Adding just a few attractive plants in vibrant and stylish containers can seriously change the look of your work space. Not only that, but scattering a few indoor plants about the area will contribute to greater air quality and can even improve staff productivity.

Not sure which plants to choose? Take your pick from the trendiest plants of the moment; deliciosa monstera, better known as Swiss cheese plant, is an incredibly popular specimen and can grow to surprisingly tall heights. Succulents are also a great choice as they require very little maintenance and look very cool when planted together in a desk bowl. And for extra points with the marketing team, why not select pots in your brand colours - our innovative colour match technology uses both Pantone and RAL charts to ensure that each planter is rendered in the perfect shade.

Bright Colours

Sick and tired of those drab magnolia walls? Change them! A simple lick of paint can make a massive difference to your space and the cost of a professional decorator is minimal compared to that of a full-on fit-out. Stay on-trend whilst still maintaining a professional appearance and choose a brilliant white base then find some beautiful, inspirational works of art to adorn the walls.

Studies have shown that staff members who feel they have a say in their office decor perform better and are happier overall, so allow the team to choose artwork and decorations of their choosing. Perhaps have a vote?

Living Walls

Like the look of those futuristic green buildings? Bring the power of nature indoors with an incredible living wall. These impressive displays are created using a combination of several types of foliage which are then mounted onto a special watering system. Extremely beautiful and eye-catching, living walls do more than just attract attention. Adding an abundance of plants to your workplace can create a sort of 'micro-climate', improving the quality of the air and humidity of the area. If real plants don't suit your working environment, artificial walls are the perfect solution.

Want something bold but not quite ready for an entire wall? Living panels are a great option and can be moved around and repositioned as you please.

Stylish Furniture

Research shows that staff who feel their company have taken time to provide an attractive workplace feel more valued an appreciate and thus work better, so investing in your working environment really can make or break your business. Even the addition of some cool new furniture can take your workplace from dull to delightful. Bring in some comfy sofas for reception or some benches for your break-out area.

You could also kill two birds with one stone and add furniture and plants at the same time with our exclusive Planter Seat Hybrids.

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