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The Green Office Movement

It doesn't take a genius to see that we at Funky Yukka just love plants - and we're delighted to say our clients do too! Filling over two hundred offices around the UK with lush greenery is our passion and we think its great when our customers reap the many benefits of their gorgeous displays. So today we'd like to introduce to your the Green Office Movement - an exciting campaign designed to showcase the company's who are helping to make the modern workplace a healthier, cleaner and green place through the addition of plants, and encourage other businesses to bring their offices to life too!

To celebrate our valued customers, we're sharing unique content, amazing facts and figures and much more! Best of all, you'll learn more about your plants and discover the latest products to come from Funky Yukka before anyone else! And with our exclusive graphics designed for all social media platforms, you'll be able to show the world that you care about your staff, office productivity and the environment.

There are so many positives to incorporating plants into your office, we want to EVERY workplace in the UK to join the Green Office Movement! If you're already one of our Funky Yukka customers then good news, you're already part of the green office revolution and we'll be sending over your unique content soon!

So how can you come on board? It's simple - simply get in touch to organise a FREE onsite design consultation


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