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Plant of the Month - Myrtle

The world has got Royal wedding fever, and the Funky Yukka team are no different! People all over the globe tuned in that faithful Saturday to witness the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The highly anticipated event was every bit as magical and romantic as expected!

As we watched the Duchess of Sussex glide down the aisle in her elegant, simple gown, we couldn't help but notice her stunning bouquet which perfectly complemented her ensemble. The flowers were handpicked by Prince Harry himself from Lady Diana's garden, making it even more special. One bloom we spied in the bouquet was the gorgeously understated myrtle, which we've decided to make our plant of May.

Known as the 'Herb of Love', carrying a sprig of myrtle has been a royal tradition in England since Princess Victoria, was wed in 1858. The first British royal to do this, it came from a German tradition to signify the innocence of the bride. Queen Victoria was gifted the flower by Prince Albert’s grandmother in 1845. Such was her adoration of the delicate bloom, she planted a sprig in her garden at Osborne House, on the Isle of Wight. Amazingly, this myrtle bush is still live and well 173 years later!


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