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Super Stylish Ways to Add Plants to the Office

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably noticed that plants are big news in the interior design world. Not only do they add a touch of fresh colour and nature to the workplace, they also can help to keep staff motivated, healthy and happy. If you've considered adding gorgeous plant displays to your office but have no idea on where to start, take a look at our top tips on bringing foliage to the workplace in a stylish and non-distracting way. And of course, you can always book an onsite design consultation with the Funky Yukka team, who can make an assessment on the type of plants that would work in your area.

Living Wall

Want to make a serious statement at your office? A living wall is a perfect way to spruce up a plain workplace and bring some much needed greenery inside too. Fancy something with a little less maintenance? Opt for an incredible artificial wall - just as striking as the real plants, only with a lot less faff!

Hanging Planters

If your office has a clean desk policy, why not display your funky foliage from above? Hanging planters look incredible and offer you the chance to keep your working area completely clear whilst still benefiting from the psychological perks of plants. You could try something even more unique and decorate your office with upside down handing plants. Get in touch with Funky Yukka for endless possibilities!

Freestanding Displays

Complement a simple, minimal office space with bold, large plant displays. With a wide range of pots and plants to choose from, there's something to suit every workplace.

Contemporary Designs

On the lookout for something a little more dramatic? Funky Yukka can design a unique plant display just for you! Simply get in touch with to book an onsite survey, where a member of the Funky Yukka team will visit your workplace in order to suggest the best plants and style for your office. Together, we can create stunning displays that perfectly complement your office decor and maximise the benefits plants have to offer for your staff.


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