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Create Cleaner Air in Offices

DId you know?

Air pollution levels indoors are almost always higher than outside, even in busy city centres. Even more astonishing is that indoor plants can alleviate high levels of most airborne impurities.

What is the reason for this?

A contributing factor is air conditioning. These systems are constantly refreshing offices, filtering the air from outdoors removing large particles like pollen from it. Once inside, this air is amplified by a large range of indoor-sourced pollutants. The most significant being carbon dioxide. Up to 900 different composites have been detected in some buildings. The most commonly found ones include benzene, ethylbenzene, toluene and xylene which can be found in paint, furnishings, plastics and electronic equipment.

How can we help?

Introducing beautiful indoor plants to your office will help break down hundreds of volatile organic compounds found in modern buildings. Thus improving mood, concentration, and creativity within the workplace. Having plants not only brightens up your office but it has positive outcomes, including an improved emotional state, reducing negative moods, distraction and increasing performance.



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