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5 Benefits Of Artificial Office Plants

There’s certainly no stopping the biophilia trend for both domestic and commercial settings - and you might be very surprised indeed at what a difference bringing in just a couple of plants here and there can make to the overall look and feel of your office space, not to mention the impact it can have on the health and wellbeing of your employees.

But, of course, looking after plants is a time-consuming endeavour and if you know that you simply won’t have the resources to keep everything looking lush and verdant, there is an alternative… artificial office plants!

There are all sorts of benefits associated with opting for faux greenery over the real deal, but here are just a couple of the main advantages of going down this route. You might find you’re swayed in this direction, after all!

#1 More cost effective

It may seem cheaper to go for real plants over artificial, but take into account the ongoing care costs associated with keeping everything alive.

Inevitably at some point, plants will die and they will then need to be replaced, or they’ll continue growing and you’ll find yourself having to invest in bigger and bigger pots to keep them happy. But with artificial plant life, you don’t need to worry about this.

#2 No need to cherry pick

You have to take all sorts of factors into consideration when buying real plants, as they all have different needs in terms of light, space and humidity. But with artificial plants, you can just pick out your very favourites and put them wherever you want, without having to worry about location having an impact on their wellbeing.

#3 No allergies!

A serious point to bear in mind is that lots of people have allergies to real-life plants and, without artificial options, this would leave you unable to bring the outside in at work. But thankfully, we live in a world where you can embrace greenery without the sneezes and itchy eyes. What a time to be alive!

#4 No maintenance

You can free up your time to devote to other areas of your business by going for fake over real, since you don’t need to do any watering, pruning or repotting. The occasional dusting down and your plants will look as beautiful as they did on the day you bought them.

#5 No pests!

Another key consideration is that when you use real plants at work, you run the risk of bug infestations. Spider mites, aphids, gnats, mealybugs, thrips and so on can wreak havoc on real plants and even make your office environment less productive, but you can get around this in one fell swoop by opting for artificial.

So there you have it! Just five of the many and varied benefits of going totally faux with plant choices this year. Need to find out more? Give us a call today!



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