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Colourful Indoor Plants For A Euro 2024 Theme

There are many times when office plant hire can add a bit of colour, fun and interest to your office. Christmas is a prime example, when bringing in a big tree and decorating it can get everyone in the festive spirit.

However, there could be another reason to get some themed plants in - the men’s Euro 2024 football championships.

With the England women having brought football home two years ago, there will be lots of optimism that a highly talented men’s team will do likewise, having been runners-up last time, only losing out on penalties to Italy in the final.

Scotland will also be there, but after they just missed out on qualification, it will be important to be diplomatic towards the Welsh about their absence.

Many an office will be decorated with football-themed bunting, the flags of the competing nations and much else. But why not go a bit further with some plants for the occasion?

There are two ways you could do this. One would be to choose plants associated with some of the competing nations. Another would be to pick colours matching the team kits or flags.

Among the indoor European plants you could introduce would be tulips for the Dutch, English Ivy for…well, guess who, or that Spanish favourite Bowstring Hemp, often known as mother-in-law’s fingers. No doubt you could sneak in a Scottish thistle, although like the team it may not last long in a testing environment.

Colour themes allow for many more possibilities. Orange-coloured tulips would be even more appropriate for the Dutch, while the bright red of poinsettias would be ideal for Spain, Hungary and Denmark and the maroon of Inca flame begonia would suit Portugal.

Blue flowers would be perfect for Scotland, France and Italy, Ukraine would be represented by some bright yellow and, of course, there would be some attractive red and white blooms for England like dahlias. The greenery of the plants would also have to do for the shorts worn by Portugal and Hungary, as neither Northern Ireland nor the Republic qualified.

All this will, of course, serve to brighten the place up and make sure that there is something colourful and enjoyable about being in the building even for those with absolutely no interest in the football. It will also help clean the air and create a healthy environment.

Flowers and indoor plants are not the things most people would associate with football (apart from when Tim Flowers was in goal for England), but it offers something different and attractive, as well as offering the possibility of something to hide behind during the unbearable tension of a penalty shoot-out.

Besides all that, if the football really isn’t your thing, the theme can be adopted in a quite different way, including even more national colours, when the Olympic Games are on in Paris later in the summer.

Flower power may not make a difference to the footballers out on the pitch or Olympians on the track, but it will certainly give your office some colour, fun and freshness this summer.



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