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How To Use Plants To Complement Your New 2024 Office Design

The start of the new year is a great time to update office interior design, giving workers a new and fresh environment that will boost their productivity and morale. 

So, if you are planning to revamp the office for 2024, here are some ways you can breathe new life into your workplace.

  1. Hybrid workspaces

Thanks to more people working from home, employees do not tend to have their own desks anymore. Instead, they hop between available spots, and use different workspaces depending on what they are doing. 

These hybrid workstations might include individual pods, booths, meeting rooms, collaborative spaces, standing desks, and conference rooms.

Having different environments for employees to work in ensures they can produce their best work, as they are able to concentrate, collaborate, and create more easily. 

Throughout the office, in each of the separate work zones, it is important to have some office planters. The greenery will help boost productivity and creativity, which certainly helps staff work harder. 

It also improves mental health, so employees can feel relaxed and content in their working environment, wherever they are in the office. 

  1. More office tech

Technology is evolving all the time, and just a few years ago we couldn’t even imagine a world that relies so heavily on virtual assistants and AI, as we do now. 

If you want your office to keep up with trends, it is important to integrate more technology in the workplace. 

For instance, you could fit smart lighting, furniture that can be adjusted through apps, windows that darken according to daylight, and climate control. You could even have sensors that detect air quality, apps to improve energy efficiency in the office, and more advanced security systems. 

Chatbots are useful in the office too, as they can help staff access information more quickly, complete tasks, and schedule appointments. They can also provide IT assistance, so any computer issues can be resolved as quickly as possible. 

Juxtapose the modern technology with hints of nature by having large plants dotted around the workplace. 

Although the world continues to advance, it is still important to feel close to the outside, which is why plants on the reception desk, a living wall, or a central tree helps to keep workers grounded and calm. 

  1. Eco-friendly measures

As the years creep by, the urgency to fight climate change grows and grows. Britain has committed to reaching its net zero goal by 2050, which means there are just over 25 years to help with this ambitious target. 

Offices can do this by introducing energy-efficient measures in the workplace, such as LED lighting and monitors, reusable coffee cups, paper-free policies, upcycled furniture. They could also encourage staff to turn off equipment overnight, and use materials with high recycled content. 

Other ideas include having energy-efficient water coolers, printers and vending machines. 

Plants are also known to lower indoor temperatures in the summer months, which reduces the need for air conditioning. Simultaneously, they can insulate against heat loss during the winter, helping to save money and energy on heating the building. 



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