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Recent Testimonials

As a business, receiving excellent customer feedback is so rewarding, it validates what we're doing and boosts the morale of our team.

So it is our pleasure to share some recent feedback from some of our recent projects.

Verity Dack, UK Vibe Lead at Canva:

"At Canva, we believe a happy and healthy work environment is key to fostering creativity and innovation. Funky Yukka's expertise in biophilic design and their commitment to sustainability were a perfect match for our vision. We're excited to see how the new greenery will enhance our office space and inspire our teams."

Samuel McLoughlin College Services Advisor, a representative from UNIC:

"At UNIC, we're committed to providing the best possible experience for our international students. Funky Yukka's expertise in biophilic design was a perfect fit for our vision of creating a welcoming and stimulating learning environment. We're already seeing positive feedback from students – they love the fresh, vibrant atmosphere!"



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