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Why Office Christmas Decorations Are Important For Staff Morale

Some businesses don’t believe in putting Christmas decorations up, as it’s just another distraction their employees don’t need. But companies like this are likely to see a high turnover of staff and unhappy employees, as there is nothing that boosts morale more than festive cheer.

In fact, there are many benefits of decorating the office in December, so get out the tinsel and hire some office plants as soon as you can.

Boosts mood

Whether it’s the twinkling lights, the extra foliage, or the colourful decorations that remind staff of their childhood, there’s something magical about Christmas decorations.

So, it’s not hard to see why they can boost the mood of employees.

In fact, according to psychologists, putting the decorations up causes a spike in dopamine. It can also increase energy levels, and activates the ‘holiday spirit’.

The American Christmas Tree Association even advocates putting decorations up as early as possible, with 79 per cent of those surveyed believing the earlier they do so, the more holiday spirit they experience.

Enhances morale

By improving the mood of employees, it also enhances staff morale. It can get people in an excitable mood, make them feel united with each other when putting them up, and it changes their normal work routine from the mundane, which can be seen as a little treat.

By not allowing staff to put decorations up, this can make them feel annoyed and depressed, especially knowing that other people are enjoying festive cheer elsewhere.

Instead, offering some mince pies or playing Christmas songs on the radio makes them included in the holiday spirit and rewarded as a valued member of staff.

A negative positive atmosphere, on the other hand, could get people thinking about looking for a different job in the new year, as it comes across as not respecting them enough to give them a treat for their hard work or believing they will remain productive despite the festive distractions.

Increases productivity

In fact, Christmas decorations could even increase productivity in the workplace.

Evidence shows that when workers are happy they are more productive, so having miserable staff is no good for your business.

When employees believe the company is prioritising their happiness and wellbeing, they are more likely to give more. So, yes, they might get distracted by a song or looking at a beautifully decorated tree from time to time, but they will work more efficiently and effectively the rest of the day, which more than makes up for it.

Positive company image

All businesses should care what their workers think of them, especially if they are keen to increase staff retention. However, they are also conscious of their reputation among customers and clients.

If someone new enters a building around Christmastime that isn’t decorated to the nines, this doesn’t give a great impression. In fact, it makes them look stuffy and miserable.

Garlands, wreaths, Nutcrackers and the rest, however, make companies appear more trustworthy, considerate of their employees and, generally, joyful.

Most people want to enjoy the festive spirit in the lead-up to Christmas, whether they are visiting an office or working in it, so businesses will find that investing a little time and effort in decorating will go a long way.

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