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5 Tips for a Happy Workplace

Give praise where praise is due

Everyone wants to feel appreciated and that their hard work is valued, so ensure that your employees feel their efforts are recognised. This can have a huge impact on performance; did you know that in the US, the number one reason people quit their jobs is due to lack of appreciation? Why not show your team this by holding quarterly awards for employees who have performed particularly well, or give regular appraisals, being sure to focus on the positives.

Offer amazing perks

According to Glassdoor, 4 in 5 employees prefer meaningful perks at work over a pay-rise. Shocking, but true! Examples of great workplace perks that were popular include healthcare, paid vacation time and flexible schedules such as the option to work from home. Offering perks can improve employee's quality of life and make them feel as though the company they work for really care for their well-being, thus making them happier and more fulfilled.

Create a fun atmosphere

Just because you're at work, doesn't mean you can't enjoy yourself! Having friends at work make the days more enjoyable and thereby, the work more satisfying. Allow workers to bond and interact during work events such as Friday drinks and day trips, they will really appreciate the chance to get to know the person behind the accounts manager!

The office itself can be fun too, play music and offer snacks such as sweets and biscuits in the break room. A relaxed workplace is a happy one.

Consider your interior

A recent study found that a third of UK workers dislike their workplace, a large factor being the decor and furnishings. More and more modern offices are realising that incredible interior design can really have a profound impact on the well-being of their employees and are constantly attempting to out-do each other in the 'cool office' race!

Bring greenery to the workplace

The benefits that plants bring to any working environment are invaluable and big corporations such as Apple and Amazon are beginning to take notice, incorporating biophilic design into their latest buildings. Studies have shown that just a touch of foliage in the office can improve productivity by up to 15%. At Funky Yukka, we offer a wide range of planting solutions from potted greenery to stunning living walls.


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