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Artificial Living Wall for Glassdoor

Did you know that, in addition to providing office plants and maintenance services, Funky Yukka also can provide short term hire for your event or exhibition? Living walls are a fantastic addition to any event, they are incredibly eye-catching and receive lots of attention. Job site Glassdoor contacted our team to design a bespoke artificial living wall suitable for an indoor event.

The Vision

The fast-growing company wanted clear branding and an unique aesthetic. They were looking for something that would wow visitors and last a lasting impression on all who saw it.

The Outcome

The final product was a stunning wall with lush, dark leafy foliage and included Glassdoor's bright white logo offering a stark contrast to the abundant greenery. The living wall looked amazing under the warm lighting and perfectly complimented the decor of the venue. It received lots of attention and was shared on several social media platforms by visitors, inadvertently giving Glassdoor and their event further exposure.

image source: @veronicavaldes via Twitter


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